Painful Bowel Movements

by Bradley Scott on February 15, 2011

Painful bowel movement


A painful bowel movement is due to several common issues. It is one of the more common but painful problems faced by many people. Most people are ashamed to tell anyone about this even if they are suffering dearly from it it. The pain is mainly due to hard stool. If the feces are very hard then it will be very difficult to defecate. And applying pressure in this case can cause  a crack in the anus and cause bleeding and severe pain. This constipation affects both children and adults. And can become more sever the older we get. In severe cases the constipated person may require surgery for a condition left untreated.

The painful bowel movements are due to different reasons. Most probably it depends up on the food habits that we follow. Your diet should contain grains and green vegetables that are rich with fiber. Usual intake of salad and water with food is one of the important remedies for it. The fibrous content in the food helps in the normal bowel movement. In adults the constipation may be due to the intake of certain medicines, drugs, and dietary habits or due to hormonal imbalances. The intake of excess water will also help to keep away the pain. In children it may be due to the dietary habits that they follow. For adults with severe condition the doctor will prescribe expensive medicine for you. A painful bowel movement may also be due to diarrhea or indigestion, the better way to prevent the constipation is to take healthy fibrous rich food. The excessive intake of red meat can also cause a problem of constipation.
An anal fissure is another reason for painful bowel movement. This condition is also due to hard feces. It is a condition where the anus gets cracked. These situations are Found in both adults and their children’s. The anus gets cracked if the stool is very hard. It is common in women who give birth. In most cases it is due to the excessive pressure that we apply while having  painful bowel movements.


Hemorrhoids are another reason for the painful movement. It is the inflammation of vein in the rectum and anal area. Excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine can make this worse. If we apply too much pressure during the bowel movement then it may lead to the rupturing of the veins and will cause bleeding. The pain around the area can last for hours even after defecting.

You should make a list of some high fiber foods and post it on your fridge and cabinet door to help remind you to keep that fiber intake as high as possible, this list should include green vegies, fruits and nuts and of course whole grains! Painful bowel movements don’t have to control your life, by taking the aforementioned proactive steps you can be on your way to curing your painful bowel movements in no time at all. Good luck and happy health

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